February 15, 2011
by Anne Schreck

The Right Garden Tools Can Make Starting Your Garden a Piece of Cake

There are so many garden tools that can be called planting tools and while they are not all required to start your gardening, some of them are so handy that you might wonder how you ever managed to do your planting without them. So, if you are getting ready to start this year’s garden, we would love to have you stop by gardentoolcompany.com and take a look at the great gardening tools that we offer to help. Continue reading

October 6, 2010
by Anne Schreck

Make Your Fall Bulb Planting Easier with Great Garden Tools Designed for the Job

If you want beautiful flowers in the spring, then the fall is the time to plant your bulbs. If you are planting a lot of bulbs, there are several garden tools specifically designed to make the work easier. Gardentoolcompany.com offers a variety of bulb planters and dibbers featuring different lengths, handles and materials for your fall bulb planting needs. Continue reading