Our Year of Minimalist Gardening


At our house in Fort Collins, we had four great raised beds allowing me to plant more fruits and veggies than we could possibly ever eat and then there were all of our awesome flower beds. This year, between the move to a building with rocks in all the beds, really poor soil, a broken sprinkler system and a building to renovate, I am a sad excuse for a gardener and man am I missing it.

Here in Westminster, we found the time to take the rocks out of the bed with the front and central location so that we could work on adding a bit of color in a very boring front area of plain ‘ole green plants broken up by just a few bushes with a maroon tint to the leaves. Little did we know how poor the soil was when we just added some compost as we planted each plant rather than amending the entire bed. Between that soil and the very dry weather here, we are lucky that anything we planted has lived. Even, the grasses have had trouble getting established, but at least the ice plants at the very front are thriving.

And as for fruits and veggies, I have managed to grow two containers with tomato plants and one of herbs that I bought for the picture when we decided to advertise on the back cover of Herb Quarterly. Initially, I had one cucumber plant in the bed also, but our puppy Juno decided to eat that.

Our Minimalist Gardening Effort

Our Minimalist Gardening Effort

All in all, it’s a pretty embarrassing display for the new location of Garden Tool Company which is inhabited by two people who really love to garden. I have high hopes that next year we will have the time and energy to tackle more of this boring place and get back to doing more of the gardening that we love.

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