Oh How I Miss My Garden


While I couldn’t be more excited about the growth of Garden Tool Company and the resulting move to our new building, I am sure missing my garden about now. I had some wonderful raised beds for veggies and a whole lotta flower beds that would have been bursting forth with the tulips and hyacinth about now.


Our tulips in the snow


Here we have some beds around the perimeter but they are filled with those darn rocks. Rocks in your beds and yard are a big thing here in Colorado, but I absolutely hate them. Sietse de Wit sent us the very last head to a rock rake and I am going to have to get to work on getting rid of them. That, or we are thinking of offering them free on Craig’s list to anyone who will come and rake them up and haul them off.

The rocks don’t even prevent weeds, but they make it harder to get them out. I have a great new DeWit weeder that I was so excited to use, but it is almost impossible to get past the buried rocks to get to the roots. Luckily, I have access to a wider variety of weeders than the average person, so there is always another one to choose from to battle this insidious problem.

DeWit drop grip weeder with fulcrum

DeWit drop grip weeder with fulcrum


And what boring beds they left us with. There is nothing but bushes every few feet and a few small trees, so no color whatsoever. Very minimal on the curb appeal and I can’t wait to get something nicer in the front bed especially.

But all that must wait for our weekly snows to end and who knows when that will happen. We have had May snows here and they say you should not begin your gardening until at least Mother’s Day, if not Memorial Day. Patience is not my strong suit, but what can you do?

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