Planting Bars from DeWit Handle the Toughest Soil


When we lived in Dallas near White Rock Lake, the soil was so hard and rocky, I could barely get a tool into it, so I would have loved to have the new planting bars we got to help make when we were in the Netherlands visiting with the folks at DeWit Garden Tools. The planting bars weigh just under 7 lbs and feature different heads depending on your needs. One has a point, one a chisel and one a nice curved head like a small trowel. They all feature a ball handle for a great grip and are two feet long making them just perfect for two handed digging.

These planting bars are all hand forged by the blacksmith’s at DeWit who all have many years of forging experience and they feature a lifetime guarantee. They are virtually impossible to bend or break. So if you think your soil is tough, just wait until you tackle it with one of these bad boys. Whether it is clay, compacted soil, rocks or roots, you and the bars will win every battle.

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