Big Change Starts Today at Garden Tool Company


At 11:30 today we are scheduled to close on our new building 3901 W. 88thAvenue in Westminster, CO and we will take possession at 5:00. This marks the beginning of a new chapter in the history of Garden Tool Company as we start construction of our new showroom and no longer sell via the internet only.

An old shot of the building

We are very excited that we will be able to show our tools in a proper setting. Currently if someone wants to come and see the tools in person, they are forced to traipse about our overcrowded house, garage and multiple sheds, playing a game of seek and find, escorted and welcomed by our three Aussies, who leave their own obstacles scatted about the yard. The placement of the tools is a bit random and based primarily on what space was available when we started selling any given tool.

In the new space, proper display and organization will be the focus and hopefully we can provide a much better viewing experience for our customers. Blake has a plan in mind featuring reclaimed wood on the walls with attractive display walls scattered around the room.  We plan to provide some comfy chairs and plenty of coffee, and just maybe a beer or glass of wine if you arrive late in the day, to enhance the experience.

We will provide updates as the construction progresses and we hope to welcome our first visitors to the finished showroom in the early spring of 2013. If you live in the Denver area or plan to travel here soon, we hope you will plan to come on by and see us. And if you are handy, you are more than welcome to stop by anytime before then, grab a tool and join in the build out.

In the meantime, please forgive us for any inconvenience or delay caused by the fact that we will be working in two places about 50 miles apart for at least the next month when the sale of our house in Fort Collins closes. During that period we will be functioning as the construction team as well as internet retailers. We will also be working to get the necessary approval from Adams County to make the changes we want to do to the property and I will be working to secure the permanent financing from the SBA. To make things just a little more challenging, we are traveling to Texas for the Christmas holiday and then we have scheduled a trip to the Netherlands to meet with our two great Dutch manufacturers at the end of January. Just don’t say we’re multitasking – Blake absolutely hates that expression. Let’s just say we probably won’t be bored.

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