Share Your Love of Gardening with Your Kids at Christmas


For those of you that love gardening and have children, what could be more rewarding than encouraging them to join you in the garden and teaching them to love it as you do? With tools sized just for them, they can join you in any task. A garden tool that is just like yours only smaller and not quite as sharp can make it a learning and a bonding experience.

Children’s cultivator

There are many kid’s garden tools on the market today, but as with full size garden tools, there are huge differences in quality and durability. Why not buy them tools that are designed to last more than a season or worse a single outing? Neither of you will get much enjoyment out of a session in the garden that ends due to a broken tool.

Children’s Fork and Mattock

At Garden Tool Company, our new line from Sneeboer offers the greatest variety of different garden tools for children and these tools are built well enough to survive even the most enthusiastic young gardener. Now you can’t buy a full set for $20.00 like many lesser quality tools, but you can get one quality garden tool that is hand forged from stainless steel with a certified ash handle for just under $20.00. Get them interested with one or two for Christmas and then maybe you can let them help choose the next one for their Birthday or another occasion. Before you know it, you might have the best little gardening helper you could ever ask for or a master gardener in the making.

Children’s pull hoe

Soon, we also plan to offer the junior garden tool line from DeWit, another great Dutch garden tool manufacturer. Their line includes hand tools as well as the longer tools and we hope to have them available within a few months.

The following are some links to sites with ideas and activities when gardening with kids:



Gardening With Kids

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