A Spot of Tea for Our Plants


In recent years Blake and I have been trying to become more green when we garden. Gone are the days of pouring all types of chemicals on the plants and weeds for fertilizing or controlling those pesky, prolific weeds. These days we pay close attention to what goes on the plants we grow, into our soil and on into the landfill and down the sewer system. This is especially important when it comes to vegetable gardening since we are also putting those plants, as well as the chemicals we used on them, into your bodies. So I was really intrigued when Blake told me that he wanted to add manure tea to our product line.

Brewing Manure Tea

When we lived in Dallas we had an aquarium and I used the dirty water on the plants when I cleaned the tank.  My roses in Dallas were testimony to the benefits of poop water on plants. But the aquarium did not make the move and I no longer had access to all that “treated” water.  I was really excited to learn that people actually made teabags for brewing manure tea. I mean, come on, we all know that the folks that raise the livestock have access to the best poop and now, you don’t have to buy it by the stinky bag-full. One tea bag makes a five gallon bucket of manure tea and it is so much easier than having to clean the aquarium.

We have used manure tea all over the yard, on our potted plants and we are anxiously awaiting the results in the vegetable garden. Annie Haven makes our tea and you can learn all about the wonderful properties at her website. I will be posting photos of the results in our garden when the time comes.

Annie Haven and her Tea

On a side note, our Aussie puppy Dixie, thinks the bags make a great chew toy, so we can’t leave the buckets where she can get to them and I saw on Facebook that some cats enjoy drinking the tea.  We definitely preferred Dixie nabbing the tea bag to so many of the other things she has felt the need to munch on – like the arm of the leather chair.


  1. It’s a pleasure to have my Authentic Haven Brand “Moo Poo Teas” offered to Green minded gardeners through The Garden Tool Company. Yes, cats and dogs seem to love it too. Garden pet owners can rest assured it’s safe. Haven livestock are raised on grass pastures only no fear of GMO/GE tainted feed, antibiotics, growth hormones or pesticides. It’s Mother Nature at her best for you and your indoor and outdoor garden plants. Happy Gardening Annie

  2. I have used this product for a long time and have found it to be superior to many other soil conditioners on the market. Annie takes great care in the production of her products and it show in my garden. It’s helping me produce award winning results!

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