What Does Your Cactus Look Like?


I have a thing for cactus and succulent plants. What do you think of them?

I think some cactus plants are so funny looking they show that God has a sense of humor. Some look like bananas while others look like a string of peas or a hairy little Cousin It. I hardly ever buy the most common ones and search out the most unique I can find. That is a big part of the fun to me. Here are a couple I really like that I planted in old coffee cups I got from my Grandmother.

Cactus planted in my Grandmother's coffee cups

In Dallas, I had a cactus garden, but here in Colorado I have to pot them. Actually even in Dallas, I lost many of my favorites one winter as I had not paid attention to the fact that so many of the coolest looking cactus plants can’t handle a freeze. I had always thought they were all tolerant of a cold but not so much for many varieties. I left them out back a little late here last year and luckily only got a little freeze burn but no death. Check out this great site that features a lot of information including video on how to care for cactus.

What does your cactus look like to you?

Some more of my cactus

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